Design Services

Ozark Poster understands that good advertising is vital to the success of a business; whether you are just getting started, or have been established for many years. We create designs that focus on short term immediate calls to action as well as designs that can be sustainable for many years. We treat your advertising as if it was ours. When it works for you, it works for us. Our experience in the industry allows us to put a design together for you that is both creative, and practical. Getting your billboard seen is only the first step, Ozark Poster knows how to get the consumer to READ, and RESPOND to your message. Check Out Our Work and Contact Us to discuss what we can offer to your business, organization, or event.

Quick Tips for Effective Billboard Design

Large and Legible Type
Words are viewed from distances of 400-800 feet. 

Bold Colors
Being subtle at 600ft doesn’t work. 

Simplify Everything
Focus on one key idea or message. 

High Contrast
High contrast means better visibility 

View from 15 feet away for 5 seconds
View your creative from 15 feet away for 5 seconds. This simulates viewing from the road. Make sure your art is legible before it hits the streets.

Color Frequency and Vibration
Like sound waves, light rays have varying wave lengths or frequencies. Some pigments absorb light while others reflect it. Reflected frequencies are perceived as color. Complementary colors, such as red and green, are not legible together because they have similar values that cause the wave lengths to vibrate. Any combination of similar color value (even without vibration), will produce low visibility. Yellow and black are dissimilar in both hue and value providing the strongest contrast for out-of-home design. White complements colors with light values.

Strong contrast in hue and value is essential for creating good out-of-home design. Hue is the identity of color while value measures a color's lightness or darkness. Contrasting colors are best when viewing out-of-home designs from far distances.
The 14 color combinations above represent the best use of color contrast for readability on traditional or reflective content. Example one is the most legible color combination while example 14 is the least legible.

Ozark Posters & Billboards Increase Your Business!

Comparable to other media – your outdoor billboard media cost per viewer is the lowest of all advertising! Tourists seldom buy a newspaper & residents all drive the roads daily, weekly... In most markets there are too many TV and radio stations to effectively spread your advertising dollar far enough, not to mention that commercial free satellite radio, CDs, and USB ports are standard in most vehicles these days. These factors impact radio advertising significantly.

Currently, we offer over 350 billboard “faces” in 14 counties in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. Ozark Poster has multiple billboard sizes available – Junior, Standard, and Jumbo. We offer a rotating location program, as well as short-term showing. Call or email for specific signs, locations, and fees. Design services available.

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