Rental Information

Billboards as low as $8 per day* (*based on year contract)

Outdoor advertising has never been so easy. Unlike some companies or individuals who only want to rent you a "spot" and then let you do the work, we offer a turn-key service and product. Ozark Poster provides the space, design, production, and installation services. Our goal is to make your advertising dollar build your business. You're here to stay, and we're here to help you make that happen. Contact Us for available locations.

The Process:

  1. You pick a market, board size, and location.
  2. Then, you provide your artwork, or let us do an eye catching design for you.
  3. Finally, we order your display and in as little as two weeks your billboard will go up and begin to be seen by potential customers and clients.

Ozark Posters & Billboards Increase Your Business!

Comparable to other media – your outdoor billboard media cost per viewer is the lowest of all advertising! Tourists seldom buy a newspaper & residents all drive the roads daily, weekly... In most markets there are too many TV and radio stations to effectively spread your advertising dollar far enough, not to mention that commercial free satellite radio, CDs, and USB ports are standard in most vehicles these days. These factors impact radio advertising significantly.

Currently, we offer over 350 billboard “faces” in 14 counties in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. Ozark Poster has multiple billboard sizes available – Junior, Standard, and Jumbo. We offer a rotating location program, as well as short-term showing. Call or email for specific signs, locations, and fees. Design services available.

Primary Markets

Batesville, Arkansas
Branson, Missouri
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Harrison, Arkansas
Mountain Home, Arkansas
Springfield, Missouri